SushRam, a Home Grown Label based in "City of Furious, Creative Energy" Kolkata.  

Just as Kolkata is known for its artistic and revolutionary heritage; SushRam is known for its minimalistic and effortless designing, promoting traditional craft techniques blended with innovative color palettes.

'Sushram', the label is inspired by Founder, Sweta Agarwal's love for her parents. The soul of 'Sushram' lies in its name; the label is reflective of the passion & purity of parenthood. 'Sushram' was coined by joining portions from the Founder's Mother; Sushila and Father's name Ramesh.

The word Sushram is derived from the word 'Su' which implies 'Beautiful' and 'Shram', which mean 'Labour;. 'Sushram' is a labour of our hardwork and determination and the fact that we have been blessed by our parents.

The Label believes in the artisanal heritage of Indian handicrafts and brings occasion wear styles to forefront, every design is envisioned and crafted with love. 'SushRam', Effortless Styling for Modern Day Women, Designing the finest quality handcrafted occasion wear. Every silhouette is truly unique and a timeless style.

Sweta Agarwal, the Founder of SushRam believes in Indian Heritage and through her label with an eye to detail brings in the sophisticated yet modern contemporary design elements to the garment which unfolds the traditional craftsmanship of the country.


Happy Shopping at Sushram!